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Price of Theomatics II is $24.95 plus shipping and handling. (add $2.00 for shipping and handling, $3.00 to Canada, $5.00 everywhere else)

Price of Theomatics and the Scientific Method is $55.00 including shipping and handling.

1 Year Association Membership is $35.00.

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If for security reasons you do not wish to send your credit card number, you can fax your order to us at: (503)538-6911 (after January 1, 1997). Be sure to specify which credit card you are using (Visa or Mastercard), and the expiration date.

A SPECIAL COMMENT: All proceeds or profits from the sale of books and materials, is used for further research and related expenses. This is not only a business, but also a ministry. Our goal is to reach the hearts and minds of those individuals who will benefit spiritually. It is not to make a big profit. The only reward that we seek, is one that has lasting eternal value.

If you would like to acquire Theomatics II, and you honestly cannot afford it, we will try to work something out with you. Please contact us directly if that is your situation. God Bless You.

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Theomatics II

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Theomatics and the Scientific Method

By Del Washburn....Manuscript,approximately 300 Pages, $55.00 each

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