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"Washburn's contribution to the field of biblical numerics is of monumental importance to present-day Christianity. It is the only work of biblical interpretation which may be scientifically examined and the conclusions proven to be correct. Every Christian, and especially all Bible scholars and students of the Bible, should read this excellent book (The Original Code in the Bible.)" –ROBERT W. FAID, author of A Scientific Approach to Chistianity and A Scientific Approach to Biblical Mysteries 


"Del does a great job of presenting his case here! He also CLEARLY defines the difference between Theomatics and ELS. If you take the time to understand this phenomenon you will be hard pressed to think the same way about the Bible ever again! Any refutation on this subject I have read all pertains to ELS and in no way addresses Theomatics, which forces me to believe that those who don't believe this is valid have not even taken the time to understand it." – Review by a reader , November 4, 1998, Amazon.com

"Washburn reveals hidden meanings in the Bible, heretofore unknown. What is more spectacular, he presents an argument based on the principles of mathematical logic to prove his findings! In all my experience I have never read a "theory" of Bible knowlege described and proved in this manner. It is a book for people wishing to have an overall understanding of Theomatics, "God's Mathematics," with numerous references to his earlier work "Theomatics II". The logical proof he makes in chapters 11 and 12 can be difficult to understand, but readily acceptable to those with a mathematical or scientific bent. This book has inspired me to investigate this phenomenon more thoroughly. Incidently, this is NOT a book about the famous "Bible Codes" that supposedly predict the future. This is a more scholarly work intending to reveal relationships between words and phrases in the Bible to illuminate one's understanding of the Scripture." –Review by a reader from Michigan Usa, November 17, 1998, Amazon.com

"The Bible really was written by God and Washburn proves it. This is the most exciting book about the Bible I've ever read. Washburn shows that the Bible really is a supernatural book. It scientifically proves that God did indeed write the Bible. You will see that there is an amazing (yet easily understood) mathematical continuity to the Bible that defies description which only God could have designed. A mind with far greater capabilities formed every word in the Bible as it was written in its original languages. Theomatics offers convincing proof for the sceptic and powerful confirmation for the believer that the Bible really is the inerrant Word of God." –L. Torrano, March 28, 1998

"We are not alone or not a lot of wasted space out there! Theomatics shows that there is no viable chance that we exsist at random. And if there is no randomness, then we are not alone. To the degree that the reader understands the significance of "randomness", the greater the impact of the data. Much like the Bible Code Book, washburn shows examples of "links" throughout the Bible. Fascinating reading!" –David, Shreveport, La, October 20, 1997

"A great discription of the heart of God. This is a well written book. Del has spent many years studying what God has done with mathematics in his word. What I really enjoyed about the book was it's presentation and it's closure. There are many aspects to Theomatics, yet I believe that it is very important to establish the the credibility of Theomatics. I believe that this book does that. If one looks at the statistics and their logical conclusions they will have to concede that God has written his word mathematically. I also find the clustering concept very stable.

From people I have spoken with about this subject, a few people believe that Del is still picking and choosing his subjects and only showing what works and leaving out what does not. (But if you read any of his books carefully you will see this is not the case). Anyways, I believe that the clustering issues clinches any and all arguments. It is impossible. Yet it happens. This does seal the tomb on any discenters. –Chuck, review on the Original Code in the Bible and Theomatics II

"The importance of this theory [of a hidden code in the Bible] cannot be underestimated. This is because the basis for our belief in an element collapses when there is even one provable exception. The practical impact of this discovery would probably be as follows: (1) If the presence of a supernatural element can be mathematically proven, it will (2) explain many, if not most, otherwise completely inexplicable events and (3) given the fact that the supernatural is the true realm of religion, it follows that man will be forced to look at the major element and (4) lead many back to the level of faith that existed before the various scientific discoveries appeared to provide "natural" explanations for everything, thereby undermining the prior basis for man's belief.

In other words, if it can be mathematically proven that numbers which describe very precise concepts can be substituted for words and complete sentences [in the Bible], and demonstrate clearly definable and mathematically provable patterns, then we are dealing with an incredibly important phenomenon. One recent analysis has been done on the subject of Biblical number symbolism in a book titled Theomatics. The author of the book, Mr. Del Washburn, has discovered that in the ancient Greek New Testament, the 32 key references to the birth of Jesus each yield a multiple of 111 using the numbering systems that are described above... They calculated the odds that this phenomenon was done by design as opposed to being a chance coincidence as being 31,608,834,590,000,000,000,000,000 to 1. We independently checked the data and believe that there are certain minor errors in the underlying calculations and present the "odds" more as a curiosity than as proof positive of the validity of the number-to-meaning hypothesis. However, we also believe that the odds here are greater than a million to one against this being a chance occurrence. [Note: The statistical study on this 111 design on the birth of Christ, has been updated and is far more impressive than the original data shown in Theomatics.] We have heard people say that the number-to-meaning substitution is impossible. Our reply is that we tend to agree with them that it must be impossible, but on the other hand, we are faced with mathematical odds in favor of the theory that are so incredibly high that it is similarly impossible that we are observing a coincidental or chance occurrence." –Mark Hood, Houston, Texas, 1992

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