What Theomatics is Revealing

NUMEROUS individuals have asked the question; what is the purpose of theomatics? Why would God put any kind of a secret or hidden code into the Bible? What is the message? If all of this is true, then why didn't Jesus or the Apostle Paul just openly tell us about it? Isn't the Bible as we know it, sufficient?

Both of our books have entire chapters that thoroughly and extensively discuss the theological implications and answer these questions.

The first and foremost issue ~ the idea of any coded system in the Bible ~ is a radical departure from the norm. It is so very different from the standard and acceptable method(s) that church leaders down through the centuries have taught, as to how Christians are supposed to understand God and interpret the Bible.

All Bible students follow what is commonly known of as the grammatical-historical system. What this system dictates, is that we are ONLY supposed to read and understand God's message according to two things:

  1. The rules of Grammar;
  2. The facts of History.

In a nutshell, we are supposed to read and comprehend the Bible the same as any other work of literature.

Most theology students would view the idea of any coded system in the Bible as an esoteric method. The word "esoteric" means: "secret or hidden, only to be understood by a select few individuals who are privileged; who think that by using these methods they will have an inside track to the Divinity."

Therefore, the idea of "a Bible code" goes completely against the thinking of most evangelical leaders, who believe that the Bible is nothing more than simple and straightforward revelation from God to man. Since God is not trying to hide His truth from us, we have no reason to believe that there is any message in Scripture beyond what we can see and understand with our physical eyes. The predominant mood behind this thinking is to try and demystify the Bible.

"Take everything literally," we are told. "Yes there may be some symbolism or allegory present, but let's not get too wild or carried away with all that."

It should be pointed out that this kind of thinking is from man's vantage point. We tend to feel that way because we want to believe that we're in control.

In reply, it should be clearly pointed out that everything that we need to know ~ from God's standpoint ~ can be clearly understood by ANYBODY, from just reading the plain words scriptures. Everything that we need for both life and godliness in this present lifetime, can be clearly understood by even a child. That is the beauty of God's Word.

Yet when it comes down to this issue of codes in the Bible, there is only one major (and earth shattering) question that must be answered.

Is the written Word that we see and read all that exists? Or is there something more to the Bible? Is there a bigger picture lurking underneath the surface? Has God so far given us only a small piece of the pie?

Quite honestly, that is a question that no human being is qualified to answer. Whether or not any kind of a code exists in the Bible ~ this is not something for the Christian Research Institute to decide. God is sovereign, and if He wanted to put a secret and hidden code in the Bible based upon His own wisdom, He has the right to do so simply because He is God.

"Who can hinder him? who will say unto him, What doest thou?" (Job 9:12).

So really man's ideas on all this have no bearing on reality. Our only honest duty is to determine whether something in the way of a code exists, and if so, to make sense of it as God by His grace reveals things. This is not a theological issue. It is simply an issue of existence or non existence (see page Scientific Proof of the Discovery).

The Implications of Theomatics

Beings that we now know ~ from a scientific basis ~ that theomatics does indeed exist, what are the implications? What is the message?

All Bible scholars recognize that there is some symbolism (a deeper and less obvious meaning) present in the Bible. The big debate is over how much? Most scholars only accept symbolism in the Bible at those locations it is unmistakably obvious.

Example: When Jesus said that "I am the vine and ye are the branches," that obviously does not mean that we are supposed to pick grapes off him. When Christians are called "sheep," that does not mean that they walk on four legs and grow wool. No Bible scholar would take literally a passage about mountains singing or trees clapping their hands (Isa. 55:12).

The critical questions is this: If God has placed any kind of system, of very obvious symbolism in the text, in hundreds of locations, what about the other thousands of potential Bible verses where maybe the symbolism is not quite so apparent? In otherwords, where do we draw the line? Maybe there are hidden messages everywhere (???) Who has the audacity or the arrogance to say that God cannot implant a message in scripture beyond what we can initially perceive?

All through Scripture, God hid certain things and did not reveal them until the proper time. All through scripture God hid things from certain people or classes of people, but revealed them to others.

Because present day Bible scholars are limited in view by both the rules of grammar and the facts of history, they have failed to recognize the extent to which all of this may go. What theomatics is helping to reveal and prove, is that the Bible is one hundred thousand times more symbolical than we have ever even imagined. And that is precisely why there is so much that we as humans, do not yet understand.

The book of Revelation is just one example. Everybody today is trying to figure out all the times and events, but what theomatics is revealing is that the book has little to do with times and events. It is pointing to something much bigger and more significant ~ a heavenly picture ~ something vastly different than what everybody is trying to figure out (see page Theomatics and Eschatology).

The Big Picture

What theomatics is opening up and revealing, is the entire issue of why this world exists. There is an almost unbelievable connection that exists between the angelic realms, the human realm, and the demonic world, and between the physical and spiritual dimensions.

As Christians we realize that the Bible talks about these subjects, but we do not see where it all connects and comes together. The reason we don't understand many things is because the truth has been hidden behind a very complex and elaborate system of symbolism. Those who read and understand the Bible according to simply the rules of grammar and the facts of history, will be almost completely blind ~ they will never understand the symbolic principle that God has deliberately placed in the text.

Let's Take a Poll

If you were to walk down the street and ask 100 people why they were born, why this world exists, is there really a God, and what is going to happen to them after they die, they would not have the foggiest notion.

Right now even Christians have many unanswered questions about a lot of things. They just don't see the big picture behind why everything that is happening is happening. Why have billions upon billions of people been born, lived, and died? What is the purpose to all this?

These are the kinds of questions the theomatics code is beginning to answer. What theomatics is showing us is that EVERYTHING present in the Bible carries a deeper symbolical meaning. Things connect and are wired together that we never imagined. By understanding the symbolic principle that God deliberately uses, this along with the numerical patterns and structures, is helping us to see how much of it comes together.

For example, the books of Genesis and Revelation are all tied together (as well as numerous other portions of Scripture). You cannot understand Genesis without Revelation, and you cannot understand Revelation without Genesis. The Original Code in the Bible discusses this.

The Luciferian Rebellion

The one major topic that has dominated theomatics research over the past decade, has involved the fall of Lucifer and the angels from heaven, and how all of that connects to the fall of Adam in the Garden of Eden. There is a massive and humungous picture behind that entire event that will explain all of the Bible and the major reason why this world exists. This, Lord willing, will be the topic of our next book ~ The Luciferian Rebellion.

As human's we are born into this world. We grow up, we marry, we breed and produce more humans. We work hard all of our lives, only to look forward to retirement, buying a motor home, and then dying. This cycle has been going on for centuries. What is the meaning behind it?

Then we look at all the problems and suffering in the world, and we ask ourselves, "If there is a God, why does He allow such depravity?"

When our child gets sick and dies, we ask again, "What is the meaning?"

When our marriage ends in divorce and our lives are shattered, "What is the meaning to that? Why do bad things happen to seemingly good people?"

What theomatics is beginning to reveal, is the manner in which all of us are connected to the original rebellion that took place prior in heaven. Theomatics is beginning to reveal that BIG PICTURE of why God Himself became a man, was born into this world, and died on a cross in order to save us from our sins.

It is only because of Adam's fall that this world exists, not the other way around. Theomatics explains why all of us are born sinners. It all ties into the angelic rebellion that took place prior in heaven.

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