What is Theomatics?

THEOMATICS is a major discovery that was made during the year 1975, in Portland, Oregon (USA). Almost twenty-five years and literally thousands upon thousands of hours of comprehensive research, have since been invested.

Most all of this research has been done in private. It has received minimal publicity and exposure in the media ~ as compared to the recent "Bible Code" discoveries everybody is talking about.

Presently, there are two types of Bible codes. One is the ELS evidence (Equi-distant Letter Sequences), also known as "Torah Codes."

The other kind of code is "theomatics." The foundational basis for theomatics has been known for thousands of years, ever since the time before Christ. It is commonly referred to by the term gematria. It was in 1975 that this original code in the Bible ~ known for thousands of years but never deciphered ~ began to reveal itself in a major way.

Mathematically and scientifically, theomatics is a much more provable phenomenon. If both the secular and Christian worlds had any true comprehension of this discovery or its implications, it would change forever the entire scope of science and religion for the remainder of this earth's history.

In theomatics, people can learn how God has written His entire Word mathematically, because existing inside the Bible there is a mathematical design. This design is the watermark that reveals God's divine authorship. No other work of literature ever written, apparently, contains anything that closely resembles theomatics. It is totally unique to the 66 books of the Bible.

No existing word could be found to accurately describe this phenomenon in the Bible, so a new word was coined ~ theomatics. It is actually the composite of two words. The Greek word for God is Theo, and when combined with the suffix for the word mathematics, the result is "theomatics." It means "the numbers or mathematics of God."

In 1978, Del Washburn co-authored a book with Jerry Lucas (of basketball and memory fame) entitled Theomatics: God's Best Kept Secret Revealed. The book sold almost 90,000 copies in hardback and trade editions (and is no longer in print). It was promoted heavily on the PTL television network, 700 CLUB, and TV across Canada. In 1994, Theomatics II (663 pages) was published. Just this year, the latest book ~ The Original Code in the Bible ~ was released.

Although mankind's knowledge of these recent discoveries may be as new as the word theomatics, its existence is as old and ancient as the Bible itself.

The Old and New testaments as we know them were originally given to us in Hebrew and Greek. In theomatics we discover how historically, "God" assigned each letter and in turn each word of the Bible with a number or theomatic value. Everything in the Bible was composed and written mathematically. (The next category on the home page ~ The Numerical Structure of the Bible ~ will explain more fully how Theomatics works.)

The implications of all this is staggering! It means that God the Creator, sometime in eternity past, orchestrated and planned every event mentioned in the Bible ~ right down to the most minute detail. Every single person that was to be born, what their names were going to be, and the precise time of their birth... the time and manner that everything was to happen... and what every word in the Bible would ultimately be.

Each and every word had to be spelled precisely so it would come out to its exact and pre-determined numerical value, and then be placed into the text in a precise location. All of this took place without mankind having any direct knowledge that behind earth's stage, Someone was pulling all the strings and manipulating the entire drama.

Even though the magnitude of this discovery is just starting to unveil itself, over the centuries thousands of people ~ Jews and Christians alike ~ have speculated, believed and taught that some sort of hidden and supernatural phenomenon existed underneath the original Hebrew and Greek text of the Bible ~ based upon the numerical values of the original Bible languages. They believed that a cipher, or key, that would unlock a deeper symbolic and spiritual meaning behind the literal words of the text, was placed there by a supernatural act of God, unbeknown to the men who actually penned the text.

Contemporary Bible scholars, and most all modern evangelical scholars, have either lampooned this idea or completely ignored the subject. As a general whole, modern Biblical scholarship does not even recognize the possibility that such a phenomenon as theomatics could even exist. This subject lies completely outside the realm of conventional knowledge.

Now what makes theomatics unique, is the fact that its existence can be scientifically proven in the laboratory, according to the highest standards of the scientific method. What that means is that individual people can perform unbiased and objective tests mathematically ~ by computer ~ that will prove convincingly that theomatics is valid, and that God did indeed place this supernatural phenomenon into the text. In otherwords, the numbers are not random but contain certain quantitative regularities. And there exists no natural cause or alternative explanation for this phenomenon. Only a divine Power and Mind could have placed it there.

NOTE: It should be pointed out that it is impossible to scientifically prove the existence of God (God cannot be placed in a test tube and analyzed in the laboratory, obviously). The existence of God must be accepted by faith alone. The best that theomatics can tell us is that the mind of man could not have orchestrated and written the Bible. That being true, the only possible conclusion is that "God" must indeed exist. What other possibility is there?

Nothing before ~ ever in history ~ related to God or theology ~ has been able to make the claims that theomatics makes. But theomatics can back those claims up with hard core scientific evidence.

Apologetics (or the defense of the Scriptures) is a major subject of importance. Many things such as archaeological discoveries and fulfilled Old Testament prophecies, offer "proof" of the Bible's veracity. Yet nothing ever before in history can apparently offer proof at the intellectual level of certainty, that theomatics provides.

But not only does theomatics give us confirmation of the Bible's validity from an apologetic standpoint. The mathematical patterns in the text will also reveal the fact that God never intended ~ in the eternal sense ~ that His Word be understood only by the rules of grammar and the facts of history (the common grammatical-historical method that all schools of theology strictly follow). The words of the Bible and their literal meanings are only the outer shell.

What this numbering system that God has placed does, is bring forth the deeper meanings of scripture. In otherwords, God placed within the text of His Word a code or "hidden revelatory process" that will ultimately reveal the symbolism that exists in Genesis, Daniel, Revelation ~ and for that matter, the entire Bible.

Once all of this is understood more fully, we will for once and for ever arrive at determining what God's original intended meaning was. Theomatics takes nothing away from the literal words, but establishes the fact that God has protected His truth with symbolism, parables, and allegories. Theomatics completely destroys the popular fundamentalist/evangelical premise of trying to interpret everything in the Bible ONLY historically and ONLY literally.

There is a Divine and supernatural aspect to the Bible that has never been seen
or understood before now. What this discovery will clearly bring forth,
is the fact that there is a heavenly picture and meaning behind
the earthly events and stories that are mentioned.
has a much bigger picture
in mind than what
people have ever

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