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Theomatics II
By Del Washburn

663 Pages,

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ISBN 0-8128-4023-2

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Published by Scarborough House
4720 Boston Way
Lanham, Maryland 20706
Phone: (301)459-8696


Theomatics II is actually two books in one. The first half explains the scientific method and demonstrates theomatic patterns throughout the Bible. The second half is devoted entirely to the subject of Bible prophecy and the Apocalypse, and demonstrates outstanding and extensive theomatic patterns that throw considerable light on passages that refer to "end time events."
(For a synopsis see
Theomatics and Eschatology

Here is the Index for Theomatics II

Foreword: Jerry Lucas / vii
Preface: Del Washburn / xi
Introduction / xvii
1 - God's Best-Kept Secret Revealed / 1
2 - The Theomatic Structure Defined / 19
3 - The 153 Fishes in the Net / 47
4 - Man Created in the Image of God / 77
5 - The Numbers of Satan / 99
6 - Understanding God and Interpreting the Bible / 125
7 - Theomatics and the Scientific Method / 149
8 - The Scientific Method Demonstrated / 169
9 - Moses and the Burning Bush / 205
10 - The Orchestration of Theomatics / 255
11 - Various Theomatic Patterns / 273
12 - The 144 Thousands / 309


Introduction / 375
13 - Moving Ahead in Time / 377
14 - The History of Bible Prophecy / 387
15 - Israel in Bible Prophecy / 415
16 - Is Jesus Coming back to Planet Earth / 437
17 - The Great Tribulation / 455
18 - The Idea of an Antichrist / 477
19 - The Mark of the Beast / 489
20 - The Number of the Beast---666? / 497
21 - The Fall of Satan from Heaven / 521
22 - The Millennium / 545
23 - The Meaning of the Rapture / 561
24 - Summary and Conclusion / 585
Appendix A: The Current Research by Computer / 597
Appendix B: Scientific Tests / 613
Appendix C: Information for Greek Scholars / 619
Appendix D: What About the Text? / 625
Reference Notes / 639

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and the
Scientific Method
by Del Washburn

This manuscript has not been formally published, but is available photocopied. In its current format it is approximately 300 pages long. It covers in detail two primary areas.

The book encompasses exhaustive computerized testing of every occurrence of the word "son" in reference to Jesus, both in the Gospel of John and the Johine epistles (1 John, 2 John, 3 John). All 55 references and occurrences are thoroughly tested by computer---comparing theomatic results with random results. For those who are mathematically inclined and who wish to either prove or "try and debunk" this subject, this manuscript and data will settle the issue. The results and conclusions are positively irrefutable.

It is suggested that whoever orders this manuscript, read Theomatics II first.

Price $55.00: (includes shipping and handling).

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Association Membership
Institute for Theomatics Research
P.O. Box 507
Dundee, Oregon 97115
Phone: (503)538-6911

For those who make an annual $35.00 contribution towards the research, we will send them a quarterly newsletter, and fax (or mail) various research materials as they become available.

The amount of material in our files is mind boggling. Hundreds upon hundreds of studies related to numerous topics and numerical patterns---the culmination of thousands of hours of research. Many of these have been put into a finished published format, and sent out to numerous individuals. However, much of the material needs to be properly entered into a word processor---in a finished type set format---showing both the Hebrew and Greek.

As interest grows, we will make more and more of this information available

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The Research Software

Many individuals have requested the database and research software. We will make this available only to certain individuals on a licensed basis, who show an aptitude for this subject, and whom we feel comfortable with, that they share our same goals and objectives. We reserve the right to refuse to provide this software and database. Price for complete package (at present) is $150.00. The special Biblical Diplomat Hebrew/Greek ram resident software (especially formulated for Theomatics Research), is available from VN LABS in Newport Beach, California. Please contact us concerning details.

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