Mission Statement

This is a serious site. It is also an amazing site. One that you will find very intriguing and fascinating. It is like nothing else on the internet.

We are going to be looking into a subject with enormous implications relative to the Bible, which many people believe to be a direct communication from God ~ the very Creator of the universe.

There have been some recent scientific discoveries made, that prove convincingly that the real Author and brains behind the Bible, could not have been the men who penned the text. The original 66 books of the Old and New Testament were written by some sort of "Super Mind" and "Extra-terrestrial Intelligence."

However, there are only certain people we would invite to examine this site:

• Those individuals who may not yet be Christians or followers of Christ, but they are seriously and honestly searching for the truth. They want to believe the Bible ~ if it is in fact true. They may be skeptical of the claims of Christianity, but are willing to honestly evaluate it on a scientific and intellectual level.

• Those individuals who presently have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and are born again Christians. These are people who truly have a heart for God, and have dedicated their lives to serving Him. They want to have a deeper walk with their Lord and Savior and grow in their knowledge of Him.

If you fit either of the above, then the following presentation can and will perhaps, change your life ~ literally!

Our mission is in leading men and women to know God objectively, whether or not He exists and is real, and whether or not the Bible is His message to humanity.

However, our goal is not to fill people's minds with a lot of information or simply satisfy their intellectual curiosity. This discovery goes far beyond just stimulating the mind. Theomatics must reach down and touch the heart. Therefore,

Our mission is to reach people with this message who will be ministered to by it, will appreciate it, and will be touched by it.

If you choose to join us, we want to welcome you

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